First edition of the Michelin “Design your Motorcycle” challenge

Michelin is launching its first “Design your Motorcycle” challenge for international motorcycle customizers!

This challenge, which takes place from June 19 to November 10, 2019, will be open to any professional or private customizer wishing to showcase their custom motorcycle(s).

This challenge, accessible via the Michelin website, will give participants the opportunity to win various prizes.

Michelin, the French tire manufacturer, is launching its first ever challenge for motorcycle customizers.

The aim of this challenge is to promote motorcycle customization and thereby showcase the expertise of these international customizers.

Our objective: to promote our Michelin tires on high-quality custom builds.

Candidates will therefore be able to choose from three categories:

  • The Cruiser Style category – the challenge’s emblematic category – which will feature all the motorcycle brands that are typically customized, such as Harley Davidson, Triumph and Indian.
  • The Scrambler Vibes category will be the trendiest category of the challenge. Scramblers are motorcycles that have tires and physical characteristics that allow them to be ridden both on road and off road. This type of motorcycle, which was extremely popular in Britain in the 1920s, has become trendy again in recent years.
  • The last category, entitled Bike to the Future, will feature those electric motorcycles that have either a futuristic design or integrated technologies. Just like our MICHELIN Vision tire, the aim of this category is to showcase alternative two-wheeled mobility options.

This challenge, available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch), will give customizers from all over the world the opportunity to participate in one of the three categories.

Following completion of the challenge, three winners will be chosen as follows:

An initial score, worth 50% of the final score, will be awarded based on the votes from visitors to the website.

The remaining 50% of the final score will be awarded by a jury of professionals whose members will be announced via social media in late June.

The three winners will:

  • benefit from an exclusive partnership with the MICHELIN brand by becoming brand ambassadors for the year, if they wish
  • win a set of MICHELIN tires to be fitted to the motorcycle being entered
  • receive an invitation to participate in EICMA, one of the largest international motorcycle shows (in Milan, Italy).

This challenge is an excellent opportunity to present a unique and differentiating concept, showcasing our products, bringing together the community of motorcycle customizers and also proposing an “innovative” project for the Michelin brand image.


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